Unique theatrical adventure by Sir Alan Ayckbourn

Roundelay ? Tony Bartholomew ANL-150116-155551001
Roundelay ? Tony Bartholomew ANL-150116-155551001
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Roundelay is a unique adventure in live theatre with a total of five interconnected situations written to be played in no particular order.

Written and directed by Sir Alan Ayckbourn, some scenes are connected through shared characters, some through overlapping narrative and some are sequels to others which turn out to be preludes to others.

The audience will be left wondering whether Sir Thomas can trust his memories, if there is more to Blanche than meets the eye, will Roz achieve her showbusiness ambitions and just what sort of agency does Gale run.

Which order will the audience see?

No-one including the actors will know until 25 minutes before the play begins and there are 120 possible combinations.

Presented by the Stephen Joseph Theatre Company, Scarborough in association with Guildford’s Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, it is at the Cambridge Arts Theatre from Feb 9 to 14. Call 01223 503333.