Theatre Royal’s Northanger Abbey ‘a joy to watch’

The Theatre Royal's production of Northanger Abbey marks Jane Austen's 200thj birthday

The Theatre Royal’s own production of Jane Austen’s classic Northanger Abbey proved to be a most entertaining and light-hearted adaptation by Tim Luscombe and it was a sheer joy to watch.

Although it is now 200 years since Jane Austen died it is amazing to think her concept still provides such pleasure.

What an interesting collection of colourful characters you will see and with differing agendas thrown in.

The basic theme is of marriage, ideally with love, but also with status and financial security thrown. This creates many humorous moments with plenty of laughter from the audience, and lots of snappy ‘one liners’.

Eve Feiler was a most impressive Catherine and she captured the air of innocence coupled with determination to get her man with ease.

The stage chemistry between her and Henry (Harry Livingstone) proved to be excellent casting.

The friendship between Catherine and Eleanor (Emma Ballantine) and was displayed in a most touching manner, yet the demeanour of the fickle Isabella (Annabelle Terry) provided quite a contrast.

Jonathan Hansler was a most formidable General Tilney and his eccentricities proving scary and funny at the same time.

The flowing manner of the minimal set changes added to the relaxed fresh and fast-moving feel of the production.

The opening night was a packed house and an exciting time for the theatre as it will be touring the UK into May 2017.

Northanger Abbey, The Theatre Royal,Bury St Edmunds, until February 11 then touring UK.

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