Bury Theatre Workshop takes on Tolstoy

Connor Love-Foster as Vronsky
Connor Love-Foster as Vronsky
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The Bury Theatre Workshop’s performance of the intense and tragic novel Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy was most enthralling and demonstrated the first-rate skills within the group.

When a relationship goes wrong or boredom sets in you need to prepare yourself for upsets.

Megan Reynard’s portrayal of Anna encapsulated the self-centeredness of that character who wanted things on her terms.

The ‘thing’ is question was the young Vronsky who became her lover and the chemistry between Connor Love-Foster in that role was plain to see.

This develops down the inevitable road of jealousy, mistrust and demand for more, and that was captured in graphic detail by their superb acting.

You could partly understand the attraction despite the fact her rather boring older husband Karenin provided for all her needs (well nearly all).

Josh Brown’s depiction of this role certainly caught the moment. Providing a kind of narrative of what was going on his life but more importantly that of Anna was the input from Levin.

David Cobbledick had a most interesting and pivotal role and he did this with ease but great expression. He highlighted what love means to him and should do to Anna and the ensuing complications.

Although written in 1878 the costumes may be different but the sentiments are still relevant today. A most challenging piece to stage but performed in an impressive manner.

Anna Karenina Performed by Bury Theatre Workshop at The Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds