REVIEWS: Rebecca Ferguson and Suede at Thetford Forest

Rebecca Ferguson ANL-140519-115337001
Rebecca Ferguson ANL-140519-115337001
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Rebecca Ferguson by Suzanne Day - Those watching Rebecca Ferguson at High Lodge on Thursday couldn’t have hoped for a lovelier evening.

As she began singing her first song the audience got up from their picnic blankets as they were drawn to her performance.

The music industry is notoriously difficult to break into and Ferguson became famous thanks to The X Factor. Simon Cowell’s show may get criticised but when it comes to getting Ferguson recognition it deserves praise, her voice is simply incredible.

Ferguson poured real emotion into the songs she sang from her top-ten albums ‘Heaven’ and ‘Freedom’. When singing some of her slower numbers you could truly feel pain coming across in her beautiful husky voice.

The slightly fiercer up tempo tracks got the relaxed audience dancing in the forest. Ferguson’s voice was complimented perfectly by a large band and some fantastically enthusiastic backing singers.

As well as showcasing her own material she was brave enough to put her own spin on songs from Tom Odell and Katy Perry which delighted younger members of the audience.

A mellow summer evening was enjoyed by all at the first High Lodge ‘Forest Live’ gig of 2014.

Suede by Alex Till

In a clearing in the middle of a Forest on Friday the 13th June, topped by a full moon.

Notoriously a night to be feared but here at High Lodge in Thetford the mood was far from sombre as an eclectic mix of picnickers were warmed up by Ed Hardcores’ live looping and microphone mixing genius on stage.

Reliving their Indie teenage years, the crowd, many now sporting silver hair and children, jumped lively as Brett Anderson, exploded onto the stage to ‘ Introducing the Band’ with the same energy and dynamics as he did 25 years ago. His windmill arms, slim physic and high paced stage performance brought the crowd to a frenzy of excitement taking everyone back to reliving the 90s.

To the backdrop of the reliable band members Brett’s pulsating and nervous stage energy whipped the mic to within an inch of its life. From the signature microphone lassos throughout ‘ Film star’ to Brett causing chaos during ‘She’s in Fashion’, with the security and menopausal, by releasing himself over the barrier, straining the microphone lead to its max as he slipped through the audience, with everyone wanting a piece of him.

By the end of the relatively short set of Suede classics, Brett’s gymnastic gyrating had not only turned his skinny fit labelled shirt into a sodden second skin but in a moment of passion a bearded man leapt onto the stage and planted a kiss on the lead singer.

Band and audience .... were united, ‘all together under a nuclear sky.’