REVIEW: ‘Rory Bremner – Party Political’ at The Apex, in Bury St Edmunds

Rory Bremner
Rory Bremner
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If Donald Trump had not won the election then Rory Bremner’s fun packed show on February 8 might have felt light.

However, Trump is a little treasure and a gift you were never allowed to forget.

Scary really because Rory caught just about every little and indeed large detail you may not necessarily have wanted to know.

Rory had to dip into what he called the ‘golden oldie’ section. It was then you became even more aware of how successful he is some 25 years on.

The two ‘Tony’s’ Blair and Benn were of course spot on as were the ‘has beens’ such as Cameron and Ashdown, but there were so many more.

Jo Caulfield added her own style of observational humour which proved an excellent addition to the show.

So Rory is not only extremely funny, but he is topical and studies the political situation deeply.

Helping him on stage tonight was the political scientist Dr David Runciman.

He added a humorous and academic perspective.

The result – well neither of them could make any sense of anything. Guess what we are all probably in the same boat – so enjoy the ride.

With Brexit, Trump and Corbyn it is a mind boggling experience.

Needless to say it was a full house and this was the only venue in East Anglia, and the second show on his national tour.

With mimicry and satire no one in the public eye is safe from ridicule, but there again any publicity is good.