Single’s on the way from Sam

Huckleberry Harrison ANL-161027-162327001
Huckleberry Harrison ANL-161027-162327001
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Huckleberry Harrison is the brand new alias of indie-funk musician Sam Harrison, from Bury St Edmunds, whose combination of quirky lyricisms with laid-back indie beats and elastic melodies creates a unique sonic palette.

His live debut turned heads when performing a stripped back set in session for ‘Sounds Like The Music Blog’ at the Hunter Club and he’s now preparing for more live appearances along with the support of his band.

Having recently taken a trip to the Hunter Club recording studio to track his debut single,Dracula, to be released this month, he says: “As this is the first thing I’m officially releasing, I hope this engages new listeners to my sound.”

Following that, he aims to start gigging more, starting with local shows and expanding as more people hear his music.

Of the single release, he said: “I’ll be happy if people like it and maybe have a little dance to it.”

And of the creative influences behind the new project: “I get influenced by all sorts of things. However, most of it is coming from Disney songs from the likes of Little Mermaid and Mulan. Trust me, they’re absolute bangers.”

Plans for the band include writing more material in the coming months before going on to release something more substantial in the new year.

Catch Huckleberry Harrison live on December 3 at the Hunter Club supporting Suburban Minds, alongside Claws, Deep City and Wild Hope.

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