Georgia Roworth releases Punchline EP

Singer-songwriter Georgia Roworth from Ipswich
Singer-songwriter Georgia Roworth from Ipswich
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Singer-songwriter Georgia Roworth first picked up the guitar when she was 13.

Now aged 17, the talented multi- instrumentalist has released her debut EP ‘Punchline’ and has performed live at venues all over her home town of Ipswich.

Georgia, who also plays the piano and ukulele, looks to make it big next year.

She said: “I have been playing guitar for about five years now.

“I first got a guitar when I was 13 but had been writing songs before that.

“When I started playing it was the Taylor Swift era so I was very influenced by her music at the time.

“I am now more influenced by people like Kelly Clarkson and her pop-rock style music now.”

Georgia said she loves writing new songs.

She said: “I love performing live but I think I prefer writing and recording.

“I love being in the studio - having a song go from something I have written alone in my bedroom to a finished single is so exciting.

“It is amazing to get what I hear in my head to the point where everyone else can hear it.”

Georgia said she writes her songs in one sitting go to keep the ideas and emotions fresh.

“I get ideas for my songs as I am walking around and record a quick voice memo to help me remember it.

“When I get home I will have this chorus or verse and then write the song around it.

“I tend to write it all in one go otherwise I think you lose a bit of the emotion.”

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