Eating Out

Eating Out

Culture: Coffee column - The perky history of coffee. . .

Legend has it that coffee was first discovered by an Ethiopian goat herder who noticed how energised his flock became when they ate coffee cherries. These cherries were passed on to the local monastery who developed a simple drink that’s medicinal properties ensured they remain alert for evening worship.

Nicola Miller's prune recipe

Culture: Food with Nicola Miller - Prunes and their bad reputation

Don’t let the memory of school dinners stop you from enjoying fabulous prunes, says food writer Nicola Miller
Ben's, Bury

Culture: A night to remember at Ben’s in Bury St Edmunds

I can’t remember a time when I’ve enjoyed an evening so much – great food, attentive service and a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere.
Teal risotto

Culture: Putting the focus on food, by Rhoda Morrison

Rhoda Morrison enjoys a dining experience with The Teal Dining Club, which could just re-invigorate the dinner party

Beer Festival

Culture: Raise a glass to the 27th East Anglian Beer and Cider Festival

The West Suffolk branch of the Campaign for Real Ale is gearing up to roll out the barrel for the 27th East Anglian Beer and Cider Festival

Rob Butterworth's coffee column

Culture: Rob Butterworth's coffee column looks at championing women

Last week we marked International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day, celebrating the exceptional women in our own lives and turning our minds to the work of women in our industry and in our own supply chain at Butterworth & Son.

Swiss meringue

Culture: Gastrono-me’s back

By the time you are reading this, Gastrono-me on Abbeygate Street will be about to open. To everyone who has dined with us before and has experienced the “please give me your mobile number and I’ll call you in about 10 minutes, when a table is ready” scenario, I apologise that we have been running a little later than expected.

Richard Clark

Culture: Discovering speciality coffee

This week Culture introduces Bury-based speciality coffee suppliers Frank and Earnest to its stable of columnists. Here co-founder Richard Clark tells us where his passion for coffee began

A clam, chickpea and cockle soup(influenced by Sardinia)

Culture: Food with Nicola Miller - Playing with traditions

Sardinia and its hospitable people is a favourite of food writer Nicola Miller. Here she puts her own twist on a soup she first enjoyed in a small restaurant in front of the harbour at Alghero

Paddy and Scott's cafe in Bury St Edmunds

Culture: Food and drink - A trusty brew and good for the planet, says Scott Russell from Paddy and Scott's

Are you a coffee pioneer? Do you seek the ultimate brew?

The One Bull - open once more

Culture: Food with editor Barry Peters - Taking the Bull by the horns

Like a phoenix from the ashes, The One Bull has re-opened its doors after being licked by the flames of disaster and, as Barry Peters reports, is back to doing what it does best
The Canevets tuck in to one of their dishes

Culture: Food with Maison Bleue's Pascal Canevet - Time to dine

Award-winning chef-patron Pascal Canevet shares how he’s inspired by nature’s palette and the earthy hues of winter

Torrijas with blood orange syrup

Culture: Nicola Miller's food column - Oranges and memories. . .

The eating of bread dipped in varying mixtures is centuries old, here Nicola Miller creates a new mouthwatering orangey sweet treat

Maria Broadbent

Culture: Casa Del Mar's Maria Broadbent says we are what we eat

With increasing awareness of mental health issues yet limited resources available for treating those facing these challenges – what else can be done? There has long been a phrase bandied around that ‘we are what we eat’ – this applies to both our physical and the mental capacity. You would not run a Formula 1 racing car on used chip fat!

Paddy & Scott

Culture: Coffee revolution; fuelling resolutions

By now chances are that your new year’s resolutions are either a distant memory or becoming a bit of a struggle. The overindulgence of Christmas is forgotten (though maybe not quite forgiven) and the mornings are still a little too cold and dark to make that pre-work run or stint in the gym seem like a really great prospect.

Byron, Bury St Edmunds

Culture: Mission accomplished at Byron in Bury St Edmunds, says Camille Berriman

Byron says its mission is to serve ‘proper hamburgers, the way they should be’. As a vegetarian I couldn’t give a verdict on how true to that mission the Bury restaurant remains, so I took my husband along to give the meaty lowdown.

Nicola Miller's vegetable soup

Culture: Nicola Miller says it's January - and that means it's time for a great soup

Yes, it’s January, a time for resolutions, and yes this is a soup but it is not a diet soup or a detox soup or a bikini body soup.

Portuguese custard tarts by Gastrono-me

Culture: Gastrono-me - A very merry custard tart that's sure to impress by Gemma Simmonite

An advent calendar heralds the beginning of the festive period in many households. It could be a chocolate-filled countdown, a glittery traditional Christmas scene or, more recently, beauty products, even a daily gin hiding behind the windows – whatever you open, it still marks the exciting march towards the special day.

Quince, Lee Bye

Culture: Lee Bye from Tuddenham Mill hails the Ugly Sister

‘The Roman quince’, Mat says with a smirk, shaking vigorously our latest martini cocktail at Tuddenham.

Paddy & Scott's

Culture: Caffeine buzzzzzzzzz by Paddy & Scott's

It’s no secret that the Paddy & Scott’s team’s priority every morning is to fire up the espresso machines and get the first coffee of the day under way as soon as possible. We all feel more productive and ready to face the day with a coffee in hand.

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