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Paddy & Scott's serving up more than just coffee by helping the farmers

Coffee lovers out there will already know how obsessed we are with great tasting coffee but over the last few years we’ve developed a huge focus around how we trade and do business.

Business for us, is about more than just profit. Here at Paddy & Scott’s, we are on a mission to reduce the number of people involved in the coffee supply chain so that coffee farmers around the world are paid a fair price for their efforts.

We believe the only real way to help the coffee families and the wider community is to go straight to the source and pay more for the raw product. Back in 2016 we started a mission to cut out the middle men from the coffee supply chain world. We went straight to the farm itself and really put our money where our mouth is, launching the Muchomba Farm and Ruiga School project in Kenya.

P&S working farm (18933064)
P&S working farm (18933064)

The farm is located 300 kilometres north of Nairobi in the shade of the eastern side of Mount Kenya. This is where we’ve worked with George Muchomba and his eldest son Isaac to create one of the finest coffee farms in the world. Since the beginning of the project, the farm has been reinvigorated, adding processing equipment, drying tables and a new irrigation system. We’ve built an educational model farm with shared facilities that can be used by local communities who rely on the coffee for their existence. We set out to empower the farmer and revolutionise how consumers interact with the people supplying their coffee. But it’s the work and investment at the Ruiga School that we’re most proud of. Before we arrived,

there was no running water, toilets or even glass in the windows. Whilst we were upgrading the farm it seemed only natural to extend the new water supply to the school, so we ran a 6.6km water feed, installed new water storage tanks and built a new brick toilet block with washing facilities.

Every bag of our coffee purchased is helping deliver real change, entrepreneurial spirit and better quality of life for families in Kenya.

Since 2016, we always get excited about this time of year as it often leads to a trip to our second home in Meru to visit our team out there and check in with the Muchomba family, who harvest our coffee with such passion and pride.

This year we invited our Head of Coffee Excellence, David Lane, along to see first-hand how much love goes into every coffee bean. . .

“My trip to Kenya visiting the Muchomba Farm in Meru has opened my eyes to a whole new level of respect for all the farmers who put in so much work to cherish the coffee they are growing. I thought I knew a lot about coffee already but after this visit, my knowledge has grown imeasurably. As part of this visit, I got to go to the Ruiga Primary School which is just filled with happiness and love. It was amazing to see how much hard work has gone into making the school such a great place for the children to learn.

“I was told before we got involved that the school was in poor condition and that it was soon to be closed down and demolished, but now kids from all over are actually competing to go to this school thanks to all the work we’ve done over the years. It really does pull on the heart strings to see how much a modest cup of coffee can help improve these kids’ lives and provide them with the education they deserve. Before my visit I didn’t really think too much about what we have, but now when I think about how privileged me and my family are, I also think about what more we can do for others.”

We count ourselves very lucky to wake up every morning and know that our work is making a real difference to our friends out in Kenya. Hopefully, our story might encourage you to consider your purpose and how you can help others in your life and work. . .

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