Award winning illustrator’s art

One of Michael Sheehy's works
One of Michael Sheehy's works
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Michael Sheehy’s illustrations have appeared in the national press for more than 20 years.

His retrospective exhibition at Diss Corn Hall, from July 1 to 18, begins with early work for Vogue and The Sunday Times in 1989 and progresses through commissions from The Guardian, The Times, The Independent and The Observer in the 1990s up until today.

Michael Sheehy occupies a world of visual ideas, dream-like juxtapositions and strange wit.

His surreal interpretations of articles, columns and letters have enlivened the pages of Elle, Marie Claire,The Daily Telegraph, Tatler, Marxism Today and New Statesman.

In the 2000’s, he had a regular slot on the letters page of Radio Times and produced numerous cover illustrations for The Tablet.

He has won national and international awards for his work in advertising, design and television, most notably his designs for Whittards Coffee Beans and the distinctive idents for BBC Knowledge.

Illustration is an ephemeral art form which stays in the public eye only as long as the periodical in which it appears. So, it is rare to see a collection of original artworks by a working illustrator brought together.