Maasai troupe’s performances improve life in their village

Osiligi Maasai Warrior Troupe
Osiligi Maasai Warrior Troupe
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Seeing the Osiligi Maasai Warrior Troupe’s concerts promise an unforgettable spectacle while helping their home village.

This is their 10th year of touring the UK, which has seen them perform at many prestigious venues,including the cathedrals of Ely, Salisbury and Exeter.

The tours help the members of the troupe raise money for their families and their community, which is 30 miles south of Nairobi, where life is tough.

But with the charity Osiligi they have helped provide clean water, solar lighting and a new school.

Quay Theatre, Sudbury

7.30pm October 3: Tickets £12 adults, £5 children