Students gain their colours at grading

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More students from the Mark Farnham Schools of Taekwondo have earned coloured belts at their quarterly grading.

After the recent success, more than 11,000 students have passed colour belt gradings with the schools in the last 25 years.

Results. Bury St Edmunds: 2nd Kup Rory Perkins; 5th Kup Dave Riley, Aaron Lea, Adam Lea, Denise Lea, Matthew Lea. 8th Kup Jacob Broom. 9th Kup Travita Chen, Tomas Jonaitis, Alan Merry, James Merry, Gifty Philip.

Thetford: 2nd Kup Iain Rust, Lee Spencer. 5th Kup Roy Howard. 6th Kup Mariana Costa, Ruben Costa.

Mildenhall: 5th Kup Liam Hancock, Nigel Hensby, Martin Lee. 6th Kup Jasmine Lau. 7th Kup, Alexander Rutterford.

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