Red Bull factory visit gives students wings

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An F1 side has made a group of Suffolk students the first outsiders to get a glimpse behind the scenes in almost two years.

Thirteen top science students from Finborough School were given a tour of the Red Bull team’s factory in Milton Keynes to get an insight of how they operate.

There was a further surprise for the students when they bumped into driver Mark Webber, who was testing on a simulator at the facility.

On arrival, the visitors had time to gasp at the massive trophy cabinet in reception before being ushered upstairs to hear the Red Bull story in depth.

Finborough School science teacher, Jay Baptist, said: “I think that everyone was amazed with the sheer size of the engineering department and the large number of people involved in this side of the team.

“We were treated to a peek of what is the nerve centre of the factory come race day. It looked like something straight out of NASA and is where all the data is transmitted back from the cars as they run in both qualifying and the race itself.”

The tour also included the workshops and the factory’s race bays, where cars are assembled and disassembled, and pit stops are practised.

After a question and answer session, the pupils faced a series of questions, with Red Bull caps signed by three times World Champion, Seb Vettel, on offer.

Science student and Finborough School head boy Josh Elmon said: “The trip to the factory was fantastic. We were given an exclusive insight into the production of the car, as well as the commerce that helps fund the team.

“It was fascinating to see the technology used, especially impressive was the super computer which had the memory equivalent to 10,000 iPads.”