Summer trial tests riders

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FOUR laps of a 10-section course faced 40 competitors of the Ipswich MCC summer trial held at Offton, Suffolk.

The course was excellently laid out and certainly challenging, consisting of steep, long hill climbs, sharp drops and some loose surfaces.

Bury riders in the Inter B class included Barry Harber riding his 300cc Montesa and Doug Barrell riding a 250cc twinshock Fantic.

Also riding was Kevin Plummer on a 250cc Montesa and Doug Theobald riding his 200cc Gas Gas.

Andrew Barrell, riding a 250cc Gas Gas, was in the expert class while novice rider John Daniels was riding his 280cc Gas Gas.

The first few sections were cleaned by most riders, but section four and five proved to be a strenuous challenge.

This hill climb took a couple of bends round some trees before taking the competitors up an ascent close to 45 degrees.

The dry ground on the narrow ledge gave riders little grip, and therefor body position on the bike was paramount to getting to the top.

On section five, Theobald ran into trouble as he failed to find his front brake on a steep drop which sent him down at quite a pace and up off his bike at the bottom.

Nevertheless, he battled on for a number of sections before retiring early.

Also riding was Youth World Trials Champion, Jack Sheppard, who made the expert route look easy, with the exception of an interesting interaction with a tree in section four.

He cleared the runner-up by 70 points in the expert class.

Andrew Barrell did well on the challenging expert route and finished eighth behind World Champion, Sheppard. Plummer had an excellent ride, finishing seventh, losing 10 points overall in his class.

Harber, Daniels and Doug Barrell finished 14th, 15th and 16th, dropping 17, 18 and 20 points respectively.