Students set the standard at grading

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A total of 161 students from The Mark Farnham School of Taekwondo were left celebrating this month after all passing a recent belt grading.

The gradings, which took place at either Bury St Edmunds or Kings Lynn, saw children as young as five years old, go through a regime of a one-hour training session in preparation before sitting their exam in front of Master Ron Sergiew 8th Dan.

To take part in a grading a student needs to have worked for an allotted time and be up to a good standard for the grade they are going to be taking.

Students all start at White belt and work though Yellow (8th Kup), Green (6th Kup), Blue (4th Kup) and Red belt (2nd Kup) grades until they are ready to aim for their Black Belt.

A list of students who were successful is as follows.

Bury St Edmunds grading: Toby Howe (3rd Kup), Nicholas Pascalides (4th Kup), Alice Eley (5th Kup), Lauryn Powell (5th Kup), Aaron Lea (6th Kup), Adam Lea (6th Kup), Denise Lea (6th Kup), Matthew Lea (6th Kup), Daniela Alves (8th Kup) and Jacob Broom (9th Kup).

Thetford Grading Results: Roy Howard (6th Kup), Mariana Costa (7th Kup) and Ruben Costa (7th Kup).

Mildenhal Grading Results: Philippa Hilton (1st Kup), Samuel Hilton (1st Kup), Chloe Glavin (6th Kup), Liam Hancock (6th Kup), Nigel Hensby (6th Kup), Abigail Lau (6th Kup), Martin Lee (6th Kup), Daisy Williams (6th Kup), Jasmine Lau (7th Kup) and Jack Bedford (9th Kup).