Richard’s experience is rewarded

Latest sports news from the Bury Free Press
Latest sports news from the Bury Free Press
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Fishing at Larkwood picked up over the last week, with visiting angler Richard Holgate using his experience to find the fish.

His method was to ignore the visible fish on the surface and use a floating line with a very long leader and fish at around the 12 inch mark.

Any fly with orange in it, including pheasant tails and small leaded orange tadpoles, did the trick.

This accounted for Richard’s best bag of 11 rainbows to 3.5lbs.

Prentice from Ipswich had a good day with his two best fish weighing 6lbs and 5.5lbs respectively.

Other popular flies have been Marabou Damsels and Cats Whisker.

The fishery still has white or yellow buzzers taking fish.

These imitate the Alder Larva which come off the trees at this time of year.

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