Maxwell pays his tributes after 
being handed a new lease of life

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Iain Maxwell will once again be going for gold as he strives to pay tribute to the person who lost their life which helped to give him back his.

The 60-year-old Scot, who now lives in Nowton, has once again been chosen to represent Great Britain and Northern Ireland in golf at the 20th World Transplant Games, which will take place in Argentina in 2015.

And for Maxwell — who won gold in the 50-59 years’ category in his first and the last games in Durban, South Africa, in 2013 — it will be another opportunity to continue his new lease of life after being diagnosed with chronic kidney failure in 2008.

“I was diagnosed after 
giving a blood sample, I 
didn’t realise how advanced the kidney failure was,” he said. “I was then put on the donor list in January 2010 after my kidneys were down to 10 per cent functionality 
and they were about to give up.

“Astonishingly, three weeks later I was told a match had been found, which is remarkable because the wait is usually around five years — I was tremendously lucky.”

It was during his recovery at Addenbrooke’s Hospital that Maxwell noticed a poster for the British Transplant Games in which his participation qualified him for the World Games, where he went on to clinch glory.

Despite enjoying a golden debut at the games, the opportunity to pay his tributes to his unknown donor was his real draw for competing.

“To represent the nation and win gold in my first experience of the games was incredible,” he added. “However, for me, it is more about paying respect to the person who gave me so much back.

“That person has passed away, but they have given so much back and that is what the games is all about — promoting that and paying tribute to donor.

“Personally, it has given 
me a new lease of life and I am fortunate that because of someone else I have the 
rest of my life to look forward to.

“It gives you a fantastic outlook on life and gives 
you a huge respect to the 
person that donated their kidney.

“That was the draw of the games to me, to make the most of another chance that I didn’t think I would get and to show others there is a life after a transplant.”

And it is that message that Maxwell will once again be looking to promote as he prepares for the games.

“Obviously I would like to win gold again, but the important thing is what 
the games symbolise and stand for,” he said. “Hopefully by taking part I can spread the message about donors because that is what it is all about.”

n You can help sponsor Maxwell for the 20th games by making a donation on his Just Giving page by visiting