London team blitz Saints in capital on sun-drenched day

TOUGH DAY: Bury Saints struggled to deal with the power and depth of the London Blitz squad
TOUGH DAY: Bury Saints struggled to deal with the power and depth of the London Blitz squad
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The Bury Saints received a thrashing when they visited the London Blitz, a team who currently lie at the top of national rankings.

The game, at Finsbury Park in the capital , was playedon on one of the hottest days of the year, with a final score of 69-9.

The Saints went into the game with only 33 players fit for the game.

The Blitz marched 61 yards on seven plays to open the scoring at 7-0. The Saints were then able to respond, with a 22 yard field goal by Rob Giles.

The Saints defence were able to get a stop and, just when things seemed to turn in the Saints favour, the wheels came off as the Blitz scored a field goal to push the score to 10-3.

The Saints fumbled exchanges and struggled to move the ball as the Blitz marched down the field twice to push the score to 24-3.

The Conference leaders continued the onslaught going in at halftime well ahead on 37-3.

The Saints tried to regroup during the interval, but the heat took its toll on a small squad facing the Blitz depth of nearly 50.

But there was some consolation for the visitors as they mounted a late scoring drive following a rare kicking error, to secure a touchdown with a Francis Hughes to Ameer Thompson 24 yard pass.

The two-point conversion failed and the final score wound up on Blitz 69 and Bury 9.

The Saints head coach said: “We knew we were up against a wall going into the lion’s den with only 33 players and for a while we felt we could stay in the game.

“But critical errors on our part saw the Blitz take advantage and just pull away.

“This team never gave up and clawed their way on to keep the game moving, with many players playing out of position to help us try to score.

“We didn’t have any major injuries this game and hope to get some people back when we face them again and get the game on more level terms.”

The Saints travel back to the Blitz on July 2 for their next game.