Le Maire looking ahead to the future after Vegas loss

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Joe Le Maire has insisted he will benefit from the experience of fighting in Las Vegas, despite seeing the result go against him.

The 18-year-old, who is from Lawshall but is currently undertaking a year-long training programme in Thailand, previously admitted he was surprised to be included on the bill for the WCK MuayThai event at the Orleans Arena.

He was beaten on a points decision by Hong Kongese opponent Chan Kai Tik, but Le Maire is determined to ensure the venture holds him in good stead for the future.

“I have not watched the fight back yet, but I was pleased with how I performed,” he said.

“Of course I wanted to win, but the all-round experience was fantastic. I now know exactly what it is like to fight on a big show.

“In England you go through a simple medical, but in America they do brain checks, eye checks, go over your injury history and there is lots of paperwork.

“Now I have experienced that, the next time it will not be a shock.

“It was a major learning curve and hopefully this is just the start for me.”

On the night, the ex-West Suffolk College student performed in front of an estimated 2,000-strong crowd in Nevada.

But, once these fighting events are screened on a delay in the likes of the USA and China, audiences have been known to exceed 100 million.

“Hopefully, the people watching will have been entertained — that was my aim,” he added. Perhaps it might open some doors for me once it goes out on the TV stations in different countries around the world.

“I know I need to work my way up, but I am prepared to work hard and earn the bigger challenges.”