Kevin’s holiday break inspires best-ever card

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IT SEEMS there is nothing quite like a relaxing holiday in the sun, completely devoid of golf, to boost your game. At least that’s what Kevin Coogan discovered to his delight.

The Bury St Edmunds 15 handicapper arrived back home from his fortnight in Spain just hours before teeing off first at 7.30am in the club’s Nunn Vase.

Clearly refreshed, he opened with a birdie four and went on to win the trophy with a gross 80 for 43 Stableford points – one of his best-ever cards.

Coogan finished four better than a trio on 39, and finds himself with two less shots to play with.

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The Suffolk Seniors’ Championship, held at Stowmarket, provided yet another occasion for 69-year-old John Marks to underline his status as the county’s outstanding veteran.

The Woodbridge-based former England seniors’ captain knocked it round in a modest 76 to collect the title for the sixth time since 2001.

He beat his club colleague, Charlie Woods, and Bury St Edmunds’ Andy Ball by a shot, the latter taking third spot on countback.

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The Bury Seniors’ Open was as popular as ever this year, with 102 golfers from 40 clubs around the region teeing off.

They were competing for the BMI St Edmunds Hospital Trophy, and 21 handicap man Bob Duncan, from the host club, left them all standing with a remarkable 45 Stableford points.

He finished six points clear of runner-up Bryan Smy from Halesworth while Haverhill’s Alan Carter won the Gross & Co Bowls with 38 playing from nine.

The multi-sponsored event has raised more than £11,000 for club equipment and developments during the past four years.

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The Forgan family dominated the leading places in Stowmarket’s September Medal.

Ben harvested five birdies in a gross 67 and winning net 62 on the Saturday.

Jack Forgan would have been justified in feeling optimistic of victory when he handed in a net 65 off eight but had to settle for second.

However, Jack went on to shoot 75 the following day and this time his net 68 was the best in Division One.

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Juniors have been claiming a good deal of the limelight at Thetford and none more than Jessica Dixon. She has just stormed to a stunning win in the women’s September Medal, scoring a net 67 from her 17 handicap in Division One. This latest success means her handicap has dropped by 10 shots during the year.

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While seniors’ golf is flourishing, it seems that Suffolk’s younger golfers are a little reluctant to have a go in county competitions this year. The Suffolk Mid Amateur Championship, due to be held at Fynn Valley, has been cancelled due to lack of interest.

And there is an appeal for club junior organisers to chase up their members for the Suffolk Junior Foursomes, to be played at Aldeburgh, on October 28. There are only six entries to date.

Leading classified scores


At Stowmarket. Winner: J Marks (Woodbridge) 76, C Woods (Woodbridge) 77, A Ball (Bury St Edmunds) 77. Other scores included: T Collett (Stowmarket) 81, J Cullum (BSE) 83, G Davies (BSE) 84, K McCredie (Stowmarket) 84, C Whyatt (BSE) 85, K Rooney (Stowmarket) 85, P Shepherd (Stowmarket) 86, C Hawes (Flempton) 87, A Garrett (BSE) 87, D Matter (BSE) 87, P Gilchrist (Stowmarket) 88, T Michell (Flempton) 89, I Brewster (Flempton 92.


Nunn Vase Stableford: K Coogan (15)43pts, M O’Keeffe (7)39, P Glasswell (13)39, I Shand (10)39.

Men’s Midweek September Medal Division One: M O’Keeffe 77(8)69, O Flight 78(8)70, M Lawrence 82(11)71, D Marshall 87(16)71. Division Two: J Watson 89(22)67, P Ives 89(21)68, D Tingey 98(28)70, D Ives 90(20)70.

Women’s Medal Division One: D Sillett 92(17)75, S Jarvis 93(18)75, J Beresford 97(20)77, F Glasswell 97(18)79. Division Two: S Drummond 102(21)81, ocb from T Siesum 115(34)81 ocb from S Reed 106(25)81, M Pettitt 108(25)83.

Social Golf Finals (133 competed during season) Men’s Cup: H Dandy 177pts, D Osbourne 176, S Gee 175. Women’s Cup: J Warnett 170pts, J Hurst 162, C Galione 161. Junior Cup: M Gee 175.


Men’s September Medal Saturday Division One: B Forgan 67(5)62, J Forgan 73(8)65, G Cutting 74(9)65, J Daniel 71(5)66 ocb. Division Two: B Skinner 85(21)64, J Hurren 89(21)68, G Starling 87(19)68, L Ambrose 96(27)69.

Sunday Division One: J Forgan 75(7)68, W French 83(14)69, M Stephens 76(7)69, P Green 74(5)69. Division Two: J Page 84(21)63, T Anderson 84(18)66, I Hay 88(21)67, M Blenkinsop 90(21)69.

Heester Trophy (over 55): T Clarke 36pts ocb from G Sparling 36 ocb from D Smith 36.

Lloyd Cup (Mixed foursomes): A&D Taylor 66.5, J Daniel & B Waspe 67, M&B Turnbull 69.

Secretary’s Prize (Juniors): S O’Doherty 40pts ocb from C Holcombe 40, A Davey 39.

Women’s Club Championships (25 entries) Phil Morris Cup: K Davis 71 69 140 ocb from M Prentice 71 69 140, Y Hollis 74 69 143.

J Seeley Shield & Club Champion: L Laflin 79 82 161, M Prentice 82(80)162, Y Hollis 84 79 163.


Finals Weekend Cock Pheasant Trophy: J Baldwin beat K Cooke 2&1, Plate: P Johnston beat D Horsburgh 2&1.

Cowan & Oliver 36-hole Scratch final: A Horsburgh beat I Farnham 2&1.

Roy Lawrence Trophy Pairs: D Boom & P Johnston beat T Hart & D Fossey 1up.

Women’s Krumine Trophy: L Sharpe beat B Phillips 5&3. Women’s Handicap Cup: J Dixon beat J Fossey 4&2.

Ian Adams Junior final: J Dixon beat D Traher 5&4.

Women’s Fison (bogey) Cup: A Williams 7up, T Hudson 4up, J Fossey 2up. Medal Division One: W Cooper 103(18)85 ocb from G Burdett 104(19)85. Division Two: J Leeson 104(25)79.

August Stableford Division One: C Edgar 33pts, J Fossey 32, S Spreadbury 30. Division Two: J Leeson 35, P Ellis 31, S Pead 30. Division Three: C Walker 28.

ME Ashcroft Memorial Trophy: L Leeson 70pts, L Turner 61, D McBride 61.

Lloyd Cup: J Deans 90(17)73 ocb from J Dixon 90(17)73, L Robinson 83(9)74.

Men’s Midweek August Stableford: G Pitcher 42pts ocb from P Vinyard 42, M Webe 40.

Women’s September Medal Division One: J Dixon 84(17)67, J Fossey 94(15)74, G Burdett 101(19)82. Division Two: S Pead 100(21)79, J Leeson 106(25)81, A Cooper 114(28)86.

Men’s Seniors Stableford: H Ham 44pts F Dowling 42, R McMullin 38.

RAFA Shield: D Benson 40pts, D Fawcett 39, T Stephenson 38.


Smiley Cup: M Gooden 78(11)67 ocb from M Rose 71(4)67, P Over 77(9)68, D Wilson 78(9)69, J Jardine 81(12)69.

Women’s September Medal: P Beak 83(9)74, S Bownie 93(16)77, J Simmonds 100(20)80, N McMarhon 91(11)80.

HAMBRO CUP FINAL. At Felixstowe Ferry: Southwold 8, Waldringfield 0.

TOLLY COBBOLD FINAL. At Aldeburgh: Woodbridge 0, Felixstowe Ferry 8