Gymnasts gain badges

Latest sports news from the Bury Free Press
Latest sports news from the Bury Free Press
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Bury Spectrum Gymnastics Club tasted a number of successes at a badge competition for their recreational gymnasts.

The hosts performed strongly to claim the majority of medals ahead of the visiting Beccles Gymnastics Club.

Spectrum gymnasts Clara Evans and Jasmine Steady finished first in the 5-6 age category for badge one.

Gymnasts from Spectrum took all the medals in the 6-7 age group, with Beth Michael finishing first, Adrija Raudonyte took second and Oliver Hopkins Jones third.

In the 7-8 age group, Elsa Godfrey was second. Under-7 gymnasts from Spectrum bagged all of the medals in the badge two competition, where Chloe Dawson was first, Fern Beatty second and Rachel Creasy finished third.

In the 7-8 category, Isobelle Taylor claimed first, and Cormindy Cripps second, while in the 8-9 age group Olivia Chandler was first, Willow Stringer second and Xavier Brookes third. The 9-10 age group saw Deja Fletcher first, Niamh Mckenny second and Summer Stock third.

More success followed in badge three competition for the under-7s as Jasmine Fuller came first, Sadie Ford second and Sophie Kay third rd.

Lucia Meredith-Barton took first in the nine-and-under group with Ella Gilmour second and Alice Ellison came third .

In the 11-and-under competition, Eva Marshall was first, Rosie Asasi second and Isabella Welch third, while Emily Boreham claimed top spot in the under-13 group.

In the badge four under-9 category, Isobel Simmons finished, Isabelle Haste second and Sophie Moye third, while in badge five Emma Healy was first.

The advanced badge competition age 5-6 category, Lydia Shrophshire was first, Amelia Harrison-Yipp second and Isa Knappett third.