Greenard has the best bag

Latest sports news from the Bury Free Press
Latest sports news from the Bury Free Press
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There was a high rod average at Larkwood Trout Fishery again this week.

The best bag went to Tom Greenard with 11 fish up to 3lb 8oz, all taken on a floating line with a cat’s whisker on the point and a bloodworm on the dropper.

His method was to let the fly sink to six feet then pull them up to the surface, let them sink again and repeat the exercise.

Another good bag was taken by Pops Bradbeer with much the same method.

The quality of the fish have been excellent as Larkwood took delivery this week of a batch of fully-finned rainbows from West Acre.

Despite the rain, both lakes remain gin clear and — although the River Lark is high — there has been no flooding. Contact Ian on 07776 370348 to find out the state of play.

n Blackdyke Trout Fishery enjoyed another good week with buzzers hatching all around the lake and the fish are up in the water.

Floating lines with or without indicators on and a slow figure-of-eight retrieve is catching the most fish.

There still time to enter the Airflo World Bank Masters competition — the first heat is on February 22 and entry forms available at the Hockwold fishery or online at