Dolphins set four new club records

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A strong contingent of Thetford Dolphins swimmers took part in the 2015 Norfolk County Challenge, held over two weekends at Dereham Leisure Centre.

Under the watchful eye of head coach Terry Clucas, the Dolphins produced 79 personal bests and set four new club records.

The Dolphins also had 13 fourth, 13 fifth and 11 sixth places and congratulations go to all those who took part.

The following swimmers achieved top three places in their respective age groups: Alex Darton (2nd 100m backstroke, 2nd 200m backstroke); Alexandra Ashley (1st 200m IM, 2nd 200m backstroke, 3rd 100m freestyle, 3rd 200m freestyle, 3rd 50m backstroke); Alice Fasey (1st 200m backstroke (CR), 3rd 200m freestyle, 3rd 100m backstroke,3rd 100m freestyle); Ben Flood (2nd 100m breaststroke); Charlie Trowell (3rd 100m butterfly); Daniel Ashford (3rd 100m breaststroke), Daniel Clark (1st 50m butterfly, 1st 200m backstroke, 1st 100m backstroke,2nd 50m backstroke, 2nd 100m freestyle, 3rd 50m freestyle); Daniel Penny (1st 200m butterfly, 1st 50m butterfly, 2nd 50m backstroke, 2nd 100m backstroke, 3rd 100m freestyle, 3rd 50m freestyle); Elena Armes (1st 50m freestyle, 2nd 50m backstroke, 3rd 50m butterfly); Emma Malcolm (2nd 100m backstroke, 3rd 50m freestyle, 3rd 50m breaststroke); Georgina Free (1st 100m backstroke, 1st 100m butterfly, 1st 200 breaststroke, 1st 200m IM, 1st 50m breaststroke, 1st 50m butterfly, 2nd 100m breaststroke, 3rd 50m freestyle); Grace Mcgill (1st 50m breaststroke, 1st 200m freestyle (CR), 1st 200m butterfly(CR), 1st 100m butterfly (CR), 2nd 100m freestyle); Isaac Clark (1st 50m backstroke, 2nd 100m backstroke); Jack Pinkney (3rd 100m breaststroke); Jacob Wright (3rd 100m butterfly); Macaulay Harvey (1st 50m butterfly, 2nd 100m freestyle, 2nd 50m backstroke, 3rd 200m IM); Maisie Francis (3rd 100m butterfly); Toby Dickenson (3rd 100m backstroke).