Dirty weekend is full of excitement

RDC promotions dirty weekend
RDC promotions dirty weekend
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RACE organisers cleaned up by staging a Dirty Weekend at Mildenhall Stadium.

It saw some 230 drivers converge for the two days of races including bangers, stock cars, hot rods, bangerstox and superods, run by RDC Promotions.

Co-promoter Dave Coventry said: “It was a good weekend, everyone enjoyed it and it was a great success.”

It was possibly the biggest weekend of racing to be seen at the stadium this year.

In total, no less than 230 drivers raced during the course of the weekend and between them 240 different race cars competed on the shale during a monster 42-race schedule over the two days, which attracted hundreds of spectators.

RDC, which stands for brothers Ron and Dave Coventry, commented: “We would also like to thank everyone who contributed to the event running so smoothly with the gigantic race programme completed in a total of nine hours of racing, four hours on Saturday and a further five on Sunday.

“We were especially pleased that we were able to complete Sunday’s meeting in good time, despite the horrendous weather conditions, which made for a very wet afternoon.

“On that note we again want to send a huge message of thanks to the drivers in all four formulas on Sunday who continued to fix and race their cars in the awful conditions.

“It was nothing short of amazing to see the final races of Sunday afternoon so well subscribed and the standard of racing was a testament to the efforts of all concerned.”

Tomorrow, RDC is hosting a “Big Van” meeting at Mildenhall tomorrow which promises to be “quite spectacular”.

The various vans, of varying sizes, often only have fibre glass bodies and drivers can be left with only a seat, cab and chassis if they lose out in crashes.

“It can be comedy and racing as well,” said Dave Coventry.