Centurion coup for Alstrachen

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ANGIE AlStrachen has become Suffolk’s first female Centurion after completing the 100 mile walking challenge last weekend.

The walk, which took place at Lingfield Park, challenges competitiors from across the country to complete the gruelling 100 mile course in under 24 hours, something that AlStrachen can now say she has proudly achieved.

She said: “I’m the first female from Suffolk to complete the centurion and there are only 20 british women to have achieved it out of 38 Worldwide.

“I managed to complete the course in 23 hours and 43 minutes and that was without a lot of training. They tell you to train for two to three years but I only managed about three and a half weeks.

Despite completeing the challenge with relatively little training, AlStrachen conceded she struggled throughout the race and had to battle not only with physical problems but with loneliness as well.

She added: “I had problems at the 40 mile mark and had some really bad blisters on both feet as well as hip pain and soreness in my achilies.

“It was a bit lonely, it’s strange because you know there are people around you but at times you had to almost close your eyes and keep going mentally, and that seemed lonely at times.

“It was an amazing experience though, seeing the sun come up was a particular highlight, and looking back on it there were some good moments throughout.