Black belt breakthrough for Taekwondo prodigy Aiden, 9

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Great Barton’s martial art sensation Aiden Stockdale has been awarded his 1st Dan Black Belt in Little White Tiger Tae-Kwon-Do.

The nine-year-old, who has been training with Billy Wappett’s Fighting Fit Martial Arts Club in Bury St Edmunds for the last five years, completed his four hour grading which included the youngster, planning and teaching for the first two hours.

His lesson included a warm up, stretch, basic taekwondo and kickboxing techniques, exercises, pad work and take downs.

Stockdale then took part in nunchuku sparring, fighting against different opponents, wrestling and light contact sparring, as well as his own pattern of taekwondo moves which impressed the judging panel greatly.

Finally he had to spar against every adult and child in the room including taking on 6th Dan black belt Billy Wappett, before being presented with his belt.

There was also cause for celebration for a number of other students. Nathan Abbott was presented with his 1st Dan black belt certificate in kickboxing, Ellen Wappett was presented with her 3rd Dan black belt certificate in taekwondo and kickboxing and Kevin Bailey was presented with his 2nd Dan black belt certificate in taekwondo.