Bish’s world of sport: Great achievement but shame it was Chelsea

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WHILE it is great an English team defied the odds to reach the Champions League final, why did it have to be Chelsea?

Being a Southend United fan, it’s not that Chelsea are my team’s rivals, I just can’t abide them.

John Terry and Ashley Cole represent the worst of the modern-day footballer, despite being super talents on the field.

Cole is one of the world’s best ever left-backs, but will always be remembered for how he conducts himself off the pitch, while Terry’s personality can’t help creeping on to the field, even during Tuesday’s second leg.

It was one of the biggest games in the history of the club he is supposed to love, yet his ego took over to the extent that he idiotically kneed Alexis Sanchez in the back and left his team-mates with a mountain to climb.

There are elements of Chelsea I do like – Roberto Di Matteo and Ramires for example, but the bad of Terry, Cole, Lampard and Drogba outweigh that massively.

They forced Andre Villas-Boas out of the club when knuckling down and working hard would have got them in the top four by now and Lampard – who I had no problem with before the Villas-Boas episode – appeared to be the leader of this.

One thing I will not criticise Chelsea for though is so-called ‘anti-football’. Making the best of your resources against a better team is what football is all about and they did that with a resolute defensive display that was – Drogba and Terry apart – played in a fair spirit and they could now end a bad year on a high.

THE battle against the British Olympic Association’s lifetime Olympic ban for drugs cheats continues.

How this has been allowed to get so far is an utter joke – if you are caught cheating with drugs you should be banned from all sport for life.

The drugs cheats already get an easy ride in my opinion by being allowed to compete in other events once their initial ban was up.

Yet the only way we will stop these cheaters spoiling it for our true Olympians is by banning them from all competitions forever.