Mixture of emotions for Bury CC

COMPETITIVE: Bury St Eds cricket captain Sean Park is both relieved and disappointed to find out no team will be relegated from the East Anglian Premier League this season

Bury St Edmunds’ cricket captain knows he should feel nothing but relief to learn that no club will be relegated from the East Anglian Premier League at the end of the season.

But Sean Park has admitted that the news has caused some disappointment, as the side were gearing up for an exciting conclusion.

The competitive South African said: “It’s frustrating because there’s nothing to play for now. It’s a relief that no-one will get relegated but we wanted to achieve this ourselves.

“It’s sort of taken the wind out of our sails. We were really looking forward to getting those necessary points and the elation of doing what it took to stay up.”

It was thought that this weekend would be a shoot-out between Horsford and Bury — with the side based at The Victory Ground needing just five points from their final game.

But Andy Abbott, secretary of the EAPL, has confirmed no teams will go down due to all top-placed teams in the feeder leagues rejecting promotion.

He said: “It’s something the management committee will be reviewing over the next few weeks — we’re considering offering the second-placed teams the chance to seek promotion. I think it’s important for the competitiveness of the competitions to have teams go up and down.”

He said the committee would vote on a proposal for second-placed teams to have promotion options and, if agreed, it would be put to each member club for their vote.

This, he added, had previously been offered and rejected by the clubs several years ago.

Park, who will not be available for the final match due to work commitments, said he still hoped the side could retain their ‘must win’ mindset going into the final fixture at home to Cambridge Granta tomorrow (11am).

“I want to see them finish on a high and not in last place,” he said. “I would hope to see everyone play really well and give their best. There’s nothing really left to play for, it’s like finishing mid-table, except for the pride in not finishing last.

“So the team should be freed up to play without pressure; I hope they go for it.”

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