Louis backs Elite League changes as way to improve young riders

NEW VENTURE: Josh Bates seen in action for the Mildenhall Fen Tigers could soon be riding in the Elite League
NEW VENTURE: Josh Bates seen in action for the Mildenhall Fen Tigers could soon be riding in the Elite League
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Chris Louis has given his backing to a change in speedway rules which will see National League riders regularly competing in the Elite League.

At this year’s British Speedway AGM, held in Coventry earlier this month, it was decided that as of the 2014 season every Elite League club would have to include two National League riders in their one to seven.

While supporting the new plans, Mildenhall Fen Tigers co-promoter Louis has indicated it would not have been the route he would have personally adopted to help promote young British riders.

“I applaud what they are doing in its essence in fast tracking young British speedway riders up the ladder, but personally it would not be the way I would have gone about it,” said Louis.

“What I would have done is get the Elite League clubs to focus on using some of the bottom-end Premier League riders in their teams, while encouraging Premier League riders to use more middle and bottom-end National League riders.

“But it was the decision of the AGM to bring in this new rule and I respect that so I give my full support to it.”

While admitting he would have taken a different approach in implementing the latest alteration in the sport, the former Ipswich Witches star believes changes set to be rolled out next year should have some positive outcomes.

“Although I don’t know the full details yet, there are plans to have a new race formula which would help protect the new young reserves to a degree, while giving them the chance to constantly watch guys at the top they don’t normally see can only help them out too,” said Louis.

“On that side of it, both these things should help improve riders and I don’t think anybody could argue with that.”

As for changes regarding the Fen Tigers, Louis has made it clear it is unlikely any news surrounding the signing of riders for the 2014 campaign will be made until the conclusion of the National League AGM, which is scheduled to take place next month.

“At this moment in time we don’t have to much to say in regards to next season’s team at Mildenhall as it is likely that the recent changes that have been brought in will have an impact on the National League,” said Louis.