Lee’s determined to end fairytale season on high

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MILDENHALL Fen Tigers co-promoter Michael Lee knows full well what it would mean to the riders and the fans to clinch the double, but is well aware that their job is not even half done yet.

He said: “In the back of your mind you think about what an achievement it would be if we did win it and how much it would set us up for next year, but at the same time we know we have achieved far more than we thought we were going to.

“The boys deserve it and I just hope they can raise their game one more time for it.”

Like a phoenix from the ashes, the Tigers have risen from the dead to become a major force in the National League after last season was halted prematurely when the club had to close down.

However, not only have Mildenhall survived until the end of this campaign, but extended it to National League play-off and Knockout Cup finals.

And Lee is determined to write the final chapters of the club’s fairytale story after joining forces with Kevin Jolly and Chris Louis to pull the Tigers from the mire.

He added: “We just need to fire on all cylinders – if that can happen, we are capable of pulling it off.

“The first job will be to try and contain Scunthorpe at their place.”

In Saturday’s cup final, the Stoke Potters – who have had a disastrous run of luck since qualifying for the play-offs and cup final – will be without number one Simon Lambert, but have drafted in Jason Garrity – a double winner with Buxton last year – to replace him as a guest.

Meanwhile, Oliver Greenwood replaces Stoke’s injured reserve Gareth Isherwood.