Huggins makes shock switch to Bury’s rivals

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Latest sports news from the Bury Free Press
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The newly-appointed Suffolk skipper has decided to leave Bury after nine seasons and join Marshall Hatchick Two Counties Division One side Sudbury.

Huggins, who lives in Sudbury, said: “I believe it will be for the best for Bury St Edmunds to get someone with fresh ideas in because I have been embedded in the same culture for nine years, and I think I am too close to the club to make the changes which I believe the club needs.

“I am desperately disappointed to leave the club but if there is anything I can do to assist them in the future I will.

“It has genuinely been one of the hardest decisions I have had to make. It is not about money — I would like to think I am a loyal person — and Bury St Edmunds have been very good to me, but this challenge has got me going.

“I have loved playing with the lads at Bury St Edmunds and enjoyed captaining the club, but now I want to do something different where I feel I can make a difference, and I feel I can do that at Sudbury.”

The 31-year-old has played for the Gibbs Denley East Anglian Premier League club since moving to the county following his release by Northamptonshire in 2005.

“Bury St Edmunds will always be my ‘home’ club,” he added. “Kevin Brooks got me to go there nine years ago, which was a hard decision for me to make back then.

“I owe so much to Kevin, (president) David Barker and (chairman) Paul Whittaker, but I felt I need a new challenge and the timing just felt right for me to move on.

“I see Sudbury as a club with a vision. They have had a taste of the Premier League, and the challenge of actually building a side and working with them throughout the year appeals to me.

“It is not a one-year plan, it is a three-year plan to get the club back into the Premier League and establish ourselves in the league.