Teach current kids the Beckham way of living

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WITH less than 100 days to go, David Beckham remains on course to be part of Team GB at the Olympic Games.

There is no doubting Beckham’s status as one of the most iconic English footballers in the history of the game and he remains a thoroughly decent guy as well.

The youngsters who will form part of Team GB with Becks would learn so much from a man who has dealt with being a celebrity in the correct way.

He enjoys the rich man’s lifestyle, but money has not changed him – he remains as passionate about football and down to earth as he was when growing up in the area of London being transformed by the Games.

No-one who knows him appears to have a bad word to say about him and while it is true he has used his celebrity to earn millions, surely anyone in his position is entitled to do that?

Beckham values what he has earned and has worked hard for it, and the way he has dealt with that should be used as a valuable role model for a generation of young players having fame and fortunre thrust upon them at a ridiculously young age. Had others in the current generation of English football dealt with it in such a way then maybe we would have a national team willing to muck in and compete with the very best of world football.

Instead, we’re heading for another major championships with our worst crop of players since the turn of the century.

There are some promising youngsters coming through though and they must be brought up the Beckham way if we are to suceed ever again.

BARCELONA’S one weakness has finally been exposed – an inability to take a high percentage of their chances.

As well as Chelsea defended, Barca would still have been out of sight with a centre-forward who could put the ball in the net – the sort of player who is criticised because all they do is score goals.

With their wealth and status, surely they can find someone to back up David Villa. So Pep, why not pop over to the Bury St Edmunds area and check out the work being done by John Sands, Sam Newson or Matt Dixon?