On the Suffolk side: Our Ipswich Town fan

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Ironically it was only when I literally came ‘off track’ that I learned that Town had got back ‘on track’.

And in some style.

Fellow Blues fans were in tow at the birthday get-together in Brandon when I reached for my phone as soon as I raced home in second place (ok, they played a trick on calling us in after our parade lap, but it was top six out of 12).

There followed a recreation of a Chambo fist-pump from several of us when we saw it flash up as 3-0, and that would have done.

But as we waited for our mini bus, it suddenly became four, before a slight scare that only Ipswich fans could feel when a team bottom of the table pulls back two quick goals, before Daryl Murphy’s hat-trick wrapped up what had been an enjoyable afternoon on the track and on the way back to Bury St Edmunds with Brenner Wooley’s dulcet tones for additional company.

When we were out of the woods, after that final whistle had gone (there’s that Ipswich way again!) I asked the Lewis Hamilton-wannabe next to me what the most important thing was, other than us winning?

It may have been suggested (it wasn’t, but it should have) that I now have a ready-made excuse to get behind the wheel on a go-karting circuit any given Saturday, should we be playing.

But the actual answer I was getting at was Daryl Murphy scoring, not one, not two, but three. And boy does it feel good to have him and Town firing on all cylinders again, ahead of the brakes having to now, frustratingly, be put on for internationals.

n Just before this column went to press, I heard of the awful news about our former goalkeeper Márton Fülöp passing away after a long battle with cancer.

After being spoilt with the likes of Richard Wright and Kelvin Davis from 2000, we haven’t been blessed with a lot of good keepers since. But Márton deserves to be listed in that bracket. 32 is really no age and my heart goes out to his family. RIP Márton.