Ipswich Town fan Russell Claydon: To stay up we need to be keeping our heads, not losing them...

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Ten heroic lions, one stupid boy.

It was a headline standing out off the front of the Daily Mirror after David Beckham’s petulant kick at Diego Simeone cost the Three Lions in France ‘98.

But it could just have easily summed up: Nottingham Forest 1 Ipswich Town 0 on Wednesday morning.

This is probably the only legitimate time Lee Martin and David Beckham will appear in the same sentence. But the former Manchester United winger (no, not the good one) let his team down at the City Ground.

Richard Stearman’s dismissal was unfortunate, but Martin’s was one we have seen before; a moment of rashness without a moment’s thought for his team.

Some will argue the latter’s absence on Saturday at Peterborough (where he got stupidly sent off last season) is almost a blessing in disguise.

But to play 51-plus minutes with 10 men in a game we could have got something from at Forest, certainly wasn’t.

To also be without Stearman, part of a defence with four clean sheets in six before a late deflected goal Tuesday, only makes things more challenging at the wrong time.

Reece Brown or Elliot Hewitt will be ready but, with results once again going against us at the bottom, we simply have to get something out of our (sort of) East Anglian derby.

I said last week three points from Leicester and Forest was better than two, and it was a great return.

It could have been very different on Saturday though, had Harry Kane buried a gift of a chance. But credit to the players for again demonstrating their newfound resilience and then taking their chance when it came — thanks Wes Morgan.

While one hot head sits in the stands on Saturday, his team-mates will be left in no doubt now is a time for heroes, not villains.

Blues stat: Lee Martin has now been sent off three times at Ipswich.