Ipswich Town fan Russell Claydon says it is time to back, not sack, Paul Jewell

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AFTER the shambles of the last week it was suggested on Twitter that if we’re acting like the pub team Jewell angrily depicted us as, wouldn’t that make him the drunken landlord?

Harsh but fair? Well, no. This is far from a rag-tag bunch of louts turning up every week for a kickaround to work off the effects of the night before, but the sad fact is they are beginning to play very much like it.

After six straight defeats Marcus Evans wielded the axe on Roy Keane, and after throwing away another win (3-2) at home to Reading before Tuesday’s abysmal 4-0 defeat at Burnley, the calls for a repeat action for Jewell have vastly intensified.

So why am I yet to step into this camp? Because I believe to do so right now would bring nothing but more instability, more money thrown down the drain and more players, and thus instability.

Paul Jewell was brought here to do a job. Admittedly it was to re-create what he did at Bradford City and then Wigan Athletic rather than Derby County and Sheffield Wednesday. While the results at the latter pair appear more apt right now, has he been afforded enough time to do what he did at the previous two yet? In the answer to this question, I believe you find whether you would sack him or back him right now. And after considering he spent barely more than a year at the helm at Pride Park (13 months) and Hillsborough (eight months), while taking two campaigns with both Wigan and Bradford, initially to get them promoted, should we not afford him at least one full season (currently 10 months)? At least?

Looking at Jewell’s signings, they appear far more favourable than predecessors Magilton and Keane - yet I fully acknowledge it is his job to get them performing.

And with the likes of young, hungry players Luke Hyam, Ronan Murray, Shane O’Connor and even promising goalkeeper Cody Cropper (why is Richard Wright suddenly now good enough after training with us since the summer?) not being given a chance, Jewell has a lot to do to win back the majority favour in the stands and this may be his biggest battle at this club now. I believe Evans has invested too heavy in him to panic now but maybe the fans should turn their anger on the players right now. When they crossed that white line on Tuesday they were a disgrace to our club and for that Ipswich expects every sweat of endeavour to be left on the pitch by the end of 90(+4 please) minutes against Watford on Saturday. Don’t you dare let us down again lads.