Bury Town reveal commercial team that will help rebuild the club

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Bury Town have this morning unveiled the commercial team they hope will lead them back to a prosperous financial footing.

Chairman Russell Ward has welcomed Dan Bush and Clive Boughton to the club and is in discussions with someone who has previously worked for a Football League club.

Not only are Bush and Boughton focused on helping the Blues through their difficult spell off the field, but believe Bury have the potential to become a Conference club.

Boughton, a director of Today’s Smart Solutions, said: “There’s a real determination to make this club great again and it’s a good time for local businesses to get involved, ready for the up.”

Bush, advertising editor of Bounce Magazine, mapped out their long-term targets.

“The ideal long-term goal is obviously a new stadium and to hopefully get to Conference level football, which for a town like this would be a fantastic achievement,” he said.

“There is no reason, with the right sponsorship, the right support and the right people behind the football club, that Bury Town can’t get there.

“It’s been proven with other towns in East Anglia, who have already got to that level.
“That’s the long-term goal, but there is a lot of restructuring and a plan of action that’s got to be put in place to get us there in the first place.”

Although chairman Ward admitted earlier this week the Blues were enduring a ‘tight cash flow situation’ at the moment, the long term structuring of the commercial team — so Bury do not find themselves in this situation again — outweighs the need for short-term income.

“I’m trying not to put too much pressure on these guys because we appreciate getting the commercial side up is going to take time,” he said. “There are obviously immediate needs, but I’m not going to turn round and say to them that they need to raise a certain amount of money in a certain time.

“If they can raise that, brilliant, but we have to trade through our situation and give them the right amount of time to get the club up there, so there’s no point me putting pressure on these guys to say they need results now.”

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