Bury Town cash-flow problems: Blues need a new ground

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Bury Town chairman Russell Ward insists the Blues need a new ground to progress to the next level.

The Moreton Hall community football project — which would provide Bury with a new stadium up to Conference North/South — stalled in September after tenders came in £1 million over budget.

However, the facility could still be built alongside a new school in Moreton Hall, with them sharing facilities, and Ward believes it will eventually get the go-ahead.

He said: “There have been a couple of comments in the Press by councillors saying they can’t see it’s going to work, but at the end of the day we need the facility, the town needs the facility and it’s a case of getting it built.

“Ram Meadow is gradually falling apart.

“The bit that rankles with me is Bury Town Football Club used to own their own ground in King’s Road.

“Thirty-five years ago, they were moved to Ram Meadow when the car park was being built and ended up renting it.

“If we still owned the ground, it would have opened up a number of other opportunities.

“The club has gone from owning freehold to renting and the clubhouse was temporary when it was put there 35 years ago, but it’s still there. The sooner we move, the better.

“It will be sad to leave Ram Meadow because it has been our home, but we need a new facility and once we get into that, it will open up plenty more avenues for revenue coming in, so we’re desperate for that to happen.”

Aside from providing brand new facilities, Ward would expect a new ground to boost commercial activity as well.

“A lot of the ideas we get are centred around the new ground and impossible to do at the old ground,” he said.

“One of the messages that will be going out from our commercial side to people is if they come aboard now, they will be high up the pecking order for opportunities at the new ground.

“We are talking to people about various opportunities at the moment and will be with a view to making sure that when we do move, we are going to stay loyal to those companies.”

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