Bish’s World of Sport: Let’s send the Premier League to Euro 2012

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In a new column in the Free Press Sports Editor Derek Bish gives his take on national sporting news making the back pages.

EVEN though Sir Dave Richards helped continue the Premier League’s crusade to make us the most hated nation in the footballing world this week, it is about time they were given control of the England team.

This is the only way we will ever win an international football tournament again.

It is clear for all to see the Premier League and the Football Association have their differences, and it is obvious why.

The Premier League is an arrogant, money-orientated organisation, but does have a better grasp of pushing football in this country forward.

On the other hand, you have the Football Association (FA), which is a dreary, outdated group of dinosaurs who lose more and more power by the week, but do their best to uphold the traditions of the beautiful game.

The Premier League’s modern-thinking is the only way to reconnect with the England team — make them proud of England and I believe the clubs and players will follow suit.

All we do is complain that all our overpaid ‘heroes’ do is focus on money, so why not go down this route and align our arrogant footballers that earn too much money with our arrogant Premier League that earns too much money?

The FA should be left to develop the grassroots of our game and uphold the traditions of the FA Cup.

We are heading for a civil war in our game the FA cannot win against the might of the Premier League.

They must find a way to work with their brother or risk being lost forever.

• SINCE when did boxing turn into the World Wrestling Entertainment?

The latest clash between Amir Khan and Lamont Peterson, ahead of their controversial rematch, is the latest in a recent line of ridiculous outbursts that border on seeming fake.

All Khan v Peterson and the even more bizzare incident between David Haye and Dereck Chisora has served to do is remind me of my childhood when — in the days wrestling was known as the WWF — The Rock was threatening to ‘lay the smackdown’.

We need personalities, but do calm down dears.