FED UP: Rob Henry
FED UP: Rob Henry
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Rob Henry has threatened to quit as Mildenhall Fen Tigers manager after growing frustration over the negative comments in the pits.

The 61-year-old revealed he is on the brink of walking away from the West Row speedway outfit following their 44-44 draw at home to the Eastbourne Eagles in the National Trophy on Sunday.

Henry, who is the club’s all-time record appearance holder, said that constant criticism over the state of the track from riders and mechanics was beginning to wear him down.

Since taking charge of the team in 2011, Henry has overseen the club win the 2012 Grand Slam, 2011 National League Knock Out Cup and last year’s National Trophy.

“I have just lost a little bit of love for speedway and I never thought I would say that,” said Henry.

“I just feel I need a break and things came to a head with what riders and mechanics were saying about the track.

“I am not going to name any names but I could hear it and feel it from other parts of the track.

“We can’t rule the weather and I am not having people slag off Kevin (Jolly) for the track as he works hard to ensure speedway goes on here.

“I could have walked out after three or four heats and I wouldn’t have cared less. I am sure Kevin will try talk me around, but there is a good chance I won’t be here.”

While airing his frustrations of comments about the racing surface, Henry has also expressed his disappointment at the lack of fight and commitment being shown by more senior members of the team.

Although captain Dan Halsey top scored with 12, the team were heavily reliant once again on the services of both Connor Mountain and first season reserve Tom Bacon, with the pair scoring paid 12 and 11 totals respectively.

“I like all the guys here but I can’t work with people who don’t have that commitment from the off,” said Henry.

“We said it would take the first four heats for the track to bed in. I am disappointed and it really hurts today because we didn’t have that fight and we lost all chance of winning.

“Poor old Luke Ruddick ended up going to hospital with a severe cut in his leg and was ready to ride his next race in that state. Not once did he complain about the track.

“Had it not of been for Tom (Bacon) we would have lost. He saved the match for us but a lad like him should not have that pressure on him.”

The Fen Tigers will be back in action at West Row on Sunday (3.30pm) against a Danish touring team in the Fritte Cup Internationale.