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Chris on track after setting two new world records over at Brands Hatch

BIG EFFORT: Chris Rix sets a new world record
BIG EFFORT: Chris Rix sets a new world record

Chris Rix warmed up for Britain’s Disabled Strongman competition by setting two world truck pulling records at Brands Hatch.

Rix, 32, from Alpheton, set records in the seated cerebral palsy class for pulling two trucks over a distance of 20 metres, and followed up with a record for pulling three trucks over the same distance, the first time either had been achieved by a CP athlete.

After warming up by pulling one truck on the Kent track, during an exhibition day aimed at publicising this year’s Britain’s Disabled Strongman competition, the former Bury Bombers bastketball player recorded a time of 30.62 seconds for two trucks.

Pulling three, with a total weight of around 20 tonnes, he set a time of 29.93 seconds.

“I was advised to concentrate on the rope and not the trucks,” said Rix, who works in Tesco in Sudbury and trains at Zest Gym in the town.

“But I looked at the trucks when I was pulling two, so I missed the rope with one hand and that made for a slower time.”

He tried pulling four trucks, but was unable to move them.

His efforts on the race track were watched by Arnar Már Jónsson, from Iceland, who founded disabled strongman competitions in 1996, and by Gary Clarke, who launched Britain’s Disabled Strongman competition four years ago.

This year’s competition is being held in Chard, Somerset, on May 12.

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