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King Edward VI student Daniel Sillett, age 17, lets off some steam

By Newsdesk Bury

Everyone has pet hates. Some people can’t stand the rain, others despise nose-picking, and some hate pets. But who has noticed themselves becoming increasingly frustrated by the little things? I certainly have.

How do you feel about windy, rainy days? Getting ready for school –or work – in the morning can be stressful enough, when you wake up late, the toothbrush is out of charge and your shirt’s stained from yesterday’s lunch. But it can only get worse from here.

You put on your coat... open the door... WHOOSH! You’re nearly blown off your feet by a ghastly wind, carrying dirty leaves, grimy plastic waste and probably something nasty. What a bad start to the day.

Rain image (10008167)
Rain image (10008167)

However, don’t get your hopes up, as the rain will saturate your books and papers, leaving you with nothing more than a heap of wet tree pulp.

Another phenomenon many of us hate is people with no spatial awareness. Only yesterday… actually, no, five minutes ago, I was walking down the street. Everything was peaceful on a warm day.

Suddenly, some lunatic on a scooter comes racing towards me like he’s on the last lap of a Grand Prix, going for the championship.

He’s lucky I wasn’t 97, or I would not have been able to leap like a salmon out of the ignorant kid’s racetrack.

What about that woman who always stands in the middle of all the aisles in Tesco? Where’s her spatial awareness?

I want to get past to buy my broccoli, but she’s parked her hefty trolley right in front of it and I can’t get my tomatoes because she’s simultaneously parked herself right in front of them, too!

But, being the polite person I am, I stand and wait... and wait... and wait... and then just wander off without my broccoli or tomatoes.

And this being a local newspaper, I have to mention dog owners who don’t pick up after their pets.

I am a dog owner myself (a Shih Tzu, since you ask) and I guarantee you, I always pick up her business without fail. Because I know what it’s like to walk out of your front door onto the pavement and step in some nasty stuff, not realise, get to school and then face the howls of “WHAT’S THAT SMELL?”

It’s not me, it’s the damn dogs!

And another thing... I don’t even drive yet, but I still get irate at that Range Rover taking up two (yes, two!) parking spaces.

I still get angry at that Mercedes racing past at 100mph on the A14. The one that never seems to get pulled over by the police.

I still get steam when that Vauxhall pulls out in front of my mum, but fails to accelerate, leaving her slamming on the brakes and causing me to face-plant the dashboard.


There we go. We all have something we hate, and believe me, I could go on for longer.

But having spoken to you about all this, I do feel better.

So, thanks for listening.

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