Your letters: April 5

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A selelction of readers’ letters from the Bury Free Press of Friday, April 5.

Ambulance staff deserve praise

The East Anglian Ambulance Service has been getting a lot of very negative publicity lately.

Recemntly, at 7.05 am, my neighbour phoned and asked me to help – her husband had collapsed. I dressed and rushed over. The telephone staff at the 999 centrr were very helpful and as we struggled to get him into a recovery position, two paramedics came and an ambulance crew.

The paramedics could not have been quicker or more professional. The level of professionalism was incredible. I kept the wife out of the way but we were updated and kept informed, all through the ambulance staff’s attempts to resuscitated my dear friend’s husband.

The East Anglian Ambulance Service doctor arrivedbut sadly the outcome was not good.

The level of professionalism towards the widow was exemplary, kind and considerate, with a great degree of sympathy and understanding.

I know much criticism has been made against our ambulance people recently, but they could not have done more and deserve all the praise and thanks anyone can state.

Perhaps those who criticise so much should see what is being done in our local area for and on behalf our citizens, young and old, by dedicated staff on the ground, not by pen pushers in some office, with no idea what the reality is. Well done East Anglian Ambulance Service, a first class service. Staffed by top quality people, who serve our community.

-- Tom Murray, Bury St Edmunds


Reason for play’s postponement

In response to Mr Riley’s letter (Bury Free Press, March 29), while the passion plays does require about £4,000 to stage and the road closures is a significant part of the cost, St Edmundsbury Borough Council does not make any profit from this event.

In fact, without the enthusiastic support of the officers of many council departments, the plays would not have been the success they have been over the years. Where our town does profit is from the presence of the 2,000plus crowds who come to observe the event. Like the pilgrims of old, many come from great distances to renew their faith as the drama unfolds.

As we said last week, the bad weather and support for the diocesan centenary celebrations were the motivation for delaying to 2014. We have begun fund-raising for next year’s event and if you would like to donate please contact me at Christ Church, Moreton Hall.

-- Jonathan Ford, Producer Bury St Edmunds Passion Plays


We have thought of town’s workers

Sue Barker of Ingham asks if anyone ever considers the needs of town centre employees when parking charges are set (Letters, March 29). The confident answer is ‘Yes’ – St Edmundsbury Borough Council. That’s why the daily charge of £2.20 in the Parkway multi-deck and Ram Meadow car parks is recommended to stay unaltered for at least the next three years. In addition, season ticket prices are reduced from Monday in these two car parks and a new £7.50 weekly ticket made available. For five-day users, this is £1.50 a day, for six-day users it’s £1.25 and just over £1 for local residents. These measures are designed to help town centre shop and officers workers, many of who are not highly paid.

The car parking charges review group, which I led, was acutely aware of fuel price increases and the fact that cars left overnight in car parks are less likely to be vandalised than those in the street. The overnight charge is down by 10p to £1 and those people who already pay for a residents’ permit will be able to park free of charge from 6pm until 8am the following morning.

The removal of the daily option in Parkway Surface is in response to requests by local businesses that more spaces are made available to shoppers. If Sue relocates her car to Parkway Decked 50 metres away, she can continue to park for the same price, or less, if she works four days a week or more.

-- David Nettleton, Chairman, overview and scrutiny Committee, St Edmundsbury Borough Council.


Residents can have their say

I read with interest the article ‘Road concerns over blueprint for 900 homes’ (Bury Free Press, March 15). I too attended the consultation event held by Countryside Properties and was pleased to see and hear that there had been a good turnout. Some genuine concerns were raised on the link road, educational facilities and the strategic gap and I hope that the developers will take these concerns into consideration before submitting their planning application.

We hear all too often the phrases ‘I can’t be bothered’, ‘what difference will it make’ and ‘it’s a done deal’, it’s this apathy which leads to developers submitting plans which do not reflect public opinion.

It is so important that residents of St Edmundsbury have their say and shape the future developments of Bury St Edmunds.

So when the 2031 planning documents are put out for consultation, I would urge people to respond, make a difference and be proud to say ‘I helped shape the future of Bury St Edmunds’.

-- Beccy Hopfensperger, Borough councillor for the Fornhams and county councillor for Thingoe North


Changes will not help businesses

What on earth is St Edmundsbury Borough Council playing at: Easing parking charges, ‘free after three ‘on Tuesdays in Bury and now, ‘free after three’ in Haverhill on Fridays?

Surely they are ‘having a laugh’?

One councillor was quoted as saying: “We have done our bit, now it is up to businesses to work and keep their shops open’.

Big deal. Do they imagine Joe Public is going to think ‘Woohoo, free after three, let’s get cracking and do the week’s shop’?. I very much doubt it.

Now, free after three every weekday could make a difference.

I can’t really hold up Newmarket parking as a great advert, but it is simpler. We are charged for parking only between 8am and 4pm. So those who are able can pop into town perhaps for banking or prescriptions or even 90 minutes shopping (and boost the so-called nightime economy) free after 4pm.

As an outsider, it doesn’t really affect me, but I will be mighty surprised if the current proposed format of the ‘concessions’ makes much difference to the cash tills of the businesses it is aimed at.

-- L Offord, Churchill Avenue, Newmarket


Dance event was a real treat

This week I was part of a large audience treated to an exceptional Evening of Dance from the schools which make up the Bury St Edmunds Academy Trust – Barrow Primary, Horringer Court Middle, Westley Middle and County Upper. What a ‘feel good’ evening!

Every single performer, from the youngest aged six to the oldest aged 17, thoroughly entertained us with a variety of dance and singing.

Congratulations to all the students and teachers involved and to Mrs Stoten, dance teacher at County Upper School, for co-ordinating the whole event. This was a wonderful example of the

benefits of the all through school model which I hope that Suffolk LEA will continue to support.

-- Helen Wilcock, Barrow


Please take your litter home

I walk my dogs every morning in a small copse of trees just past the industrial estate going out of Bury towards Fornham All Saints.

I have, over a week, collected 10 bags of litter from this small area. I know that sweet wrappings and crisps packets can fly in with the wind, but glass bottles, plastic bottles full of urine (which I refuse to pick up) empty drinks cans do not, these are dropped deliberately, also electrical equipment, which must have been thrown over the fence from the industrial estate.

Also plastic bags with dogs mess in them – why, oh why, do people put this in a bag and then try to bury it? If you are going to bury it do not put it in a bag just bury it deep, or take it home or put it in the bins provided. .

Please take your litter home, whatever it is, and keep this lovely area free for walkers, runners and children.

--Enid Gathercole, Bury St Edmunds