We’ll be left high and dry

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For three week’s running you have printed editorials concerning the ongoing water shortage problems in East Anglia. These concerns have also been reported on national TV and radio programmes.

Would someone from the council please explain how they intend to supply water to residential and commercial properties of Bury St Edmunds if and when their plans for the proposed vast housing and industrial developments in this area go through?

Have any amongst them even thought about the diminishing water supplies in this area?

Do they read your paper? Do they actually listen to local and/or national news programmes?

Do they actually care?

J M E Bartlett,

via email.

n WITH reference to the article (Bury Free Press (February 3) regarding plans to develop our town.

The number of houses to be built in the draft of Bury Vision 2031, will be ‘about 4,350’, increasing the local population by several thousand people.

I would therefore like to comment on the following issues, the sustainability and climate change, health and well being and natural environment.

These, in one way or another, are closely connected with water, which is already in short supply – we are already being warned of a drought situation next year.

I cannot see how the planners appear to have neglected to address this serious situation while drawing up their plans.

I also agree with all the other concerns and worries expressed about this project and look forward, with interest, to the public consultation on Vision 2031, at the end of February.

Miss V Fenn,

Mill Road South,

Bury St Edmunds.