Trees are in wrong place

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on Gainsborough Recreation Field (Bury Free Press, March 30).

We, as local residents, did not receive any plans like the ones mapped out on the field, so were given the wrong information on which to vote.

We would like to know where these new plans came from? Whose idea was it to dig up a perfectly good and well used sheltered play area? It is a disgrace, in these times of decreasing open spaces in which everyone is crying out for.

The people who did the planting and who chose the site are not local residents as such and do not know what goes on, on the field 24/7.

The original builders and owners of the land specifically stated that the field between the Janes Estate and Gainsborough Estate was to be a designated recreation area and left it as such. The proposed trees – oak, holly, pines, larch, and rowan – can grow to 50ft high and spread dramatically, so no sports or games will be able to take place anywhere near them.

Margaret Thompson,

Bury St Edmunds.