There’ll be no money left to spend in cafés

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When we moved to Bury St Edmunds 27 years ago, car parking was free apart from on Wednesdays and Saturdays. One browsed, spent time in cafés etc.

At present, one can park in St. Andrew’s Street carpark, two hours for £1.30.

If charges are increased by 10 per cent every year, by 2031 the charge will be

£9.63. No money will be left for browsing or visiting cafés.

Joyce Kirk,

Heldhaw Road,

Bury St Edmunds.

n Rejoice! Leader John and his councillor cohorts score another success with their ‘Mug a Motorist’ campaign.

They are gambling on shoppers, lemming-like, continuing to venture into town despite spiralling costs; while workers and employees have no choice but to park their car and lose upwards of £15 a week from their disposable income.

That’s money not available to spend in shops and cafés. Instead, it goes directly to the council and cuts out the middle man.

It won’t take too many Peacocks closing down before the loss in business rates outweighs any revenue gained.

Maybe there is privy information suggesting footfall will not drop, in which case why stop at just a 10 per cent fee increase – lets go for a full 20 per cent rise and fill the borough coffers to overflowing.

You want free parking? Try the supermarkets, and the Moreton Hall retail outlets: the dwindling pound in your pocket will be welcomed with open arms.

Here’s looking forward to next year’s imaginative proposals to suck more of the lifeblood from the town centre.

Keith Chapman,

Bury St Edmunds.

n A really excellent and sensible move to increase the car parking charges in order to offset the pending shortfalls – far better than increasing the Council Tax.

And I guarantee that the number of shoppers visiting the town will not be affected.

Anyone who decides to visit Ipswich instead. or even Haverhill, just because the charges are increasing, deserve all they get – what miserable, dull places.

M J Whybro,