The lessons of history

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One day when we are all dead and gone, archaeologists will come along and find evidence of the original boundaries of Fornham All Saints. They’ll look at its history, and the longevity of the settlement of under 1,000 souls. They will look at what became of it as a result of Vision 2031 and say ‘what possessed those in power to do that?’.

I cannot believe the plans that are afoot for the lovely field betwixt Bury and Fornham All Saints, or the land around Tut Hill. To say there will be a strategic gap to prevent Fornham All Saints being subsumed into Bury is such nonsense; can no-one else see that the emperor has no clothes on? Of course Fornham All Saints is going to be swallowed up. Look at the sprawl on Moreton Hall and you can see what’s in store for this little village.

Bury is groaning at the seams already. It is very easy to be politically correct and say ‘we must provide more housing, more shops, more business centres, more parks’. Why can no-one have the courage of their convictions and say ‘enough is enough. We are as big as we are going to get and that’s an end to the matter’.

Yes I’m open to being told I’m a Nimby or other type-cast self-protectionist. We should learn lessons from our history however; mankind has a dreadful habit of taking something beautiful and ruining it in the name of progress. Look at grainy photos of just about everywhere in England and you will see that over time we take what’s perfect, and cover it in concrete and ugliness. We look back and say ‘ah the good old days, if only life were still like that’.

Well it’s we voters who are allowing this ruination to occur, in our names.

Elizabeth Hodder,

Fornham All Saints.