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Anyone driving on Nowton Road in the last few days cannot fail to have been appalled by the desecration of this pretty lane with several hundred metres of double yellow lines that have just appeared. What an eyesore. The need for parking restrictions on a road where it is virtually unknown for anyone to park might seem to be a questionable and pointless expense – but can probably be explained by the intention to levy parking charges in Nowton Park itself.

Surely it is time that St Edmundsbury and other authorities started to take some notice of the town’s citizens? We don’t want your petty parking charges at night, at the weekends, or when visiting our sick relatives in hospital. We don’t want the pettiness of parking tickets and we don’t want the town and country lanes bespoiled by road signs, traffic lights and road markings. We would also prefer that the Highways department does not close roads for weeks on end to make a few ineffectual repairs. Please stop wasting our money and find something more useful to do on behalf of the citizens of Bury.

Thank you.

Nigel Gossett,

Lawshall Road,