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You’ve got to hand it to our councillors in their relentless pursuit to fill the borough coffers. This time their entrepreneurial endeavours stretch to installing snack machines in the car parks which will ‘provide a significant annual income’.

Hapless visitors arriving in the town will not only be relieved of the much-discussed parking fees but can now take advantage of hot food and drinks, in the sure knowledge that they won’t overstay the duration of their ticket, before heading on their homeward journeys.

Brilliant idea – it cuts out the middle man! No need to venture past the concrete wasteland into the real heart of the town. No need for the long-promised but reneged upon ‘Link’ from the arc.

I say ‘three cheers’ for The Bay Tree, The Scandinavian, Baileys 2, the Really Good Coffee, The Lounge, The Ivory and all the other independent bistros, coffee emporiums and traders that valiantly soldier on despite the best effects of the council to continually pull the rug from under their feet.

Support your local retailers and reject the Marie Antoinettes on the council with their ‘Let them eat cake’ attitude.

Keith Chapman,

Bury St Edmunds.