Subsidy is too big

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In a report of discussions between the managements of the Theatre Royal and the Apex (Bury Free Press, July 20), it was mentioned that St Edmundsbury Borough Council would like to reduce its £775,000 annual subsidy to the Apex. To my knowledge, this is the first time that such a figure has been publicised. I believe that many Council Tax-payers will have a reaction to this huge sum – over £2,000 per day. Some of us have suspected that the figure would be about £500,000, and the council ignored warnings of the likely economics of the scheme before it was started. I wonder if we can learn what proportion of the Apex’s total costs the subsidy represents. With cutbacks in essential services and increases in parking charges driving visitors out of the town, surely it is time for this drain on resources to be severely curbed or eliminated.

Norman Less,

Conyers Way,

Great Barton.