Station signs badly designed and positioned

Bury railway station car park, for letters page.
Bury railway station car park, for letters page.
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We were so pleased to hear that money would be spent on improvements at Bury St Edmunds station, so we assumed that these would all be thoughtful and in keeping with the existing layout and architecture.

Imagine our horror on visiting the station a couple of days ago to witness a plethora of badly designed and positioned parking signs. Do we want visitors to Bury to laugh at us? By this I mean the sign on the verge outside the main entrance to the station forecourt. This is positioned far too high for drivers to read. The typeface for the description of the parking regulations are in font sizes which are too small. If drivers were to stop to read this sign in its entirety, they would create an obstruction as the traffic built up behind them.

Similary, the parking sign, ‘Have you paid?’ at the exit to the station forecourt is also positioned too high for drivers to read. What a foolish mess. Please can the authorities come up with some realistic and readable design options.

Elizabeth J Smith,

Ashwell Road,

Bury St Edmunds.